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A guide to dealing with a client who is grieving

by on 14·12·2021

It may seem obvious, but the empathy shown to a mourning spouse, partner, family can be worth more than most financial advisers/planners are aware. Kind words of sympathy are a given, but the true test of an adviser’s mettle and client duty of care becomes apparent in the actions after the initial notification of death.

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How should you invest in your children's future?

by David Battle on 02·12·2021

When my daughter was born my wife and I brought her home, put her into a little basket and just looked at her with no idea what to do. After many moments of mild panic, I concluded that I would probably be most helpful in planning to start saving for her future. A couple of nappy changes later I was convinced that should be my role.

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Implementing feedback the right way

by Alicia Hager on 16·11·2021

When you meet someone new, one of the first questions you ask is, ‘‘What’s your name?’’. Your name is your identity, it is one of the most basic, yet important components of who you are. Personal and working relationships can’t flourish if you are unable to determine a person’s name, and companies are no different.

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Introduction to financial wellbeing - Chris Budd

by Damian Davies on 04·11·2021

You may have seen the phrase ‘financial wellbeing’ become increasingly used over the last few years. It first appeared in the title of Chris Budd’s book, ‘The Financial Wellbeing Book’, back in 2016. We asked Chris, who founded the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing (IFW) for the advice community, if he could provide an introduction to the context of financial wellbeing, and explain how it can significantly enhance client outcomes as part of the financial planning process. Back in 2015, I came up with the term Financial Wellbeing in the title for my book to describe anything that relates to the relationship between money and how we use it to be happy.

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To save or not to save? - That is the question

by on 26·10·2021

Well 2020 has not been the year that anyone had predicted – with the storms, floods, fires, virus pandemic and the odd plague of locusts, some could argue that the End of the World is nigh. To say 2020 has been difficult is an understatement. However, the aftermath of these natural disasters will be unprecedented and challenge what we perceive as normal – economically, politically, socially and financially.

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PROD is not as scary as it sounds

on 10·09·2021

I love music. I find it unsettling when I ask people what music they like and they say: “Oh, I don’t know really – I like a bit of this, and a bit of that… I’m not that bothered.” Inside, I am screaming: “How can you not get more excited about music?”

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Are your staffing levels right for your firm?

by Damian Davies on 10·09·2021

A common difficulty I am hearing from business owners is how to ensure their team is properly resourced. Too many staff and you face issues of cost inefficiency; too few and there are problems around productivity and income generation.

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How to manage your EU based clients after Brexit

by Damian Davies on 22·12·2020

From January 2021 passporting will cease irrespective of whether the UK leaves with a deal or we see a no-deal Brexit. That means UK based financial advisers and planners will no longer be able to advise clients who live in the EU. If you and your clients are affected, this guide will explain your options.

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