Damian Davies

Head of Development

t: 01432 355 391

I started The Timebank in 2002 because it was clear to me advisers simply weren't able to spend enough time on what matters most - clients. Since then I've built and refined what we do constantly as the independent advice sector has changed and evolved.

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Debbie Evans

Head of Support

t: 01432 355 322

I've been with The Timebank since 2004 and the years have flown by, maybe too fast. Having spent the first 10 years of my career in the broadcast IT and pharmaceutical industries managing service delivery to giants like the BBC, Disney, Sanoffi Aventis, Granada and ESPN, you'd think dealing with insurance companies would be easy.. 

Lauren Bower

Head of Account Management

t: 01432 355 347

I've worked for providers, advisers and pension trustees, in the UK and abroad.

Client relations has always been at the heart of what I do, from getting the processes and details nailed down, to building and maintaining those core relationships that make the difference between fleeting service user and long-term client.

Melissa Hall

Head of Paraplanning - Chartered Financial Planner

t: 01432 233 038

Starting out in financial services at 16, making the tea, filing and sorting the post,  I quickly developed an interest in the industry and held the Financial Planning Certificate by age 19.

I joined The Timebank in April 2011, starting out as a Paraplanner, I am now Head of Paraplanning. 

Managing the team gives me the opportunity to develop new members who come on board and help them learn our processes as well as those of the advisers we work with.  I enjoy building long term relationships with advisers and getting to know how their business works so that we can help them achieve the best possible client outcomes. 

 Outside of work, you will find me either walking my two dogs, Frankie and Benny or lifting weights in the gym.  I am also a bit of a social butterfly, enjoying a glass or two of wine with friends.

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David Battle

Chartered Financial Planner

t: 01432 233 235

I have worked in the Financial Services industry for over 20 years in a variety of roles. I achieved Chartered status in 2007 and have worked for the Timebank since 2011.

I enjoy working closely with advisers and companies to find the best solutions for clients.

Outside of work I have been with my wife for 25 years having met on our first night at university and we now have a young daughter.  

I have a love for Liverpool Football Club and music. My favourite genre of music is 'Grunge' which will surprise those who know me for my happy go lucky personality.

As well as an irrational fear of sharks I walk light-footed on beaches in case of quicksand.

Niki Gahan

Chartered Financial Planner

t: 01432 233 242

I started working in the financial services industry in 2005 and very quickly realised that paraplanning was for me and achieved Chartered Status with the Chartered Insurance Institute in 2010.

I enjoy the challenge of tackling new cases, carrying out research and finding the best solution for clients.

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Sean Donald

Chartered Financial Planner

t: 01432 233 238

I joined the Timebank in June 2012 and attained Chartered status with the CII in July 2012.

I enjoy the challenges that paraplanning provides and feel that I continue to learn something every day. The role varies enormously depending on the type of reports that we are asked to do and I particularly like Cash flow modelling and the more technical side of providing advice.

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Louise Spence

Chartered Financial Planner

t: 01432 233 235

I'm a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, with a keen interest in the technical detail of pensions. I recently completed a Master's degree in Financial Planning and Business Management.

Outside of work I'm kept busy with an ever-expanding collection of cats, dogs and horses.

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Jill Chadburn

Chartered Financial Planner

t: 01432 233 037

I started working for a large international investment company and quickly realised I was drawn to regulated financial advice.

I have worked with various IFAs and developed from being an administrator to a Paraplanner, I became a Timebank Paraplanner in October 2016, when I felt my position no longer held the challenges I was looking.

Over the last 10 years I studied for my CII qualifications and finally achieved Chartered status in 2015 and I am also a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

I enjoy being a Paraplanner as the diversity in the work is the challenge I need and I enjoy building relationships with the advisers to get the best outcome for the client. 

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Kirsteen Parkes

Chartered financial planner


My original background is in art and design. I fell into Financial Services in 2004, starting as an administrator then progressing to Paraplanner and on to adviser. I keep saying no more exams and, now I am Fellow and Chartered Financial Planner, no more exams…well maybe.

I particularly enjoy Paraplanning as I really like the detail and organisation of the role and helping others.

Out of work, I am married with 2 young children who keep me extremely busy and who I have reassessed life with. I love music, art, visiting galleries, the cinema and concerts when I get the opportunity go. My favourite place in the world is Italy, where I don’t get to visit anywhere near as much as I’d like – one day we’ll live there, for part of the year at least.   

Becky Colley

Chartered Financial Planner

t: 01432 233 039

I have worked in the Financial services profession since 2006 in various roles starting in administration and working in paraplanning, management, compliance & client advice and am a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the PFS. I joined Timebank in 2018 after a short career break and enjoy the variety of work the role provides. In my spare time I enjoy travel, football, yoga & have a keen interest in history and films.

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Emma Bond


t: 01432 233 243

I have been in Financial Services for almost 20 years, working as an administrator, adviser, practice manager and paraplanner over that time.  Paraplanning has been the role I enjoy the most, particularly the technical side of pensions and retirement planning.

Away from work, I am a wife, mum and crazy dog mum to my black Labrador Milo who I am training for agility work.  I also enjoy reading, sci-fi and fantasy films and supporting local dog rescues.  

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Tricia Morris


t: 01432 233 249

I got into Financial Services after leaving university with a business degree. I left the industry for a few years to become a lecturer in business and management but missed it so much that I came back.

I am a wife and mother to two girls who take up most of my time. In my spare time I enjoy running, reading and cryptic crosswords - not all at once!

Jenny Britton


I have been working within the Financial Services since 2008 starting as a Trainee Paraplanner, gaining experience during that time to become a Paraplanner. Since then, I have obtained my Diploma in Financial Planning and I have gained experience in a variety of different areas within the financial services industry. I enjoy the research and report writing parts of the role and finding the best outcome for the client.

Outside of work, my daughter and my rescue dog Della keep me busy. I wanted to be fully home-based to save time on commuting, giving me more time to spend with my friends and family.

Chris Howe


t: 01432 233 241

After initially starting my career as a personal banking manager and working closely with the in branch financial planners, I decided that a career in financial services was for me and haven't looked back.

 I have since worked for specialist advisers in London before setting up my own small outsourced paraplanning firm which gave me the flexibility I needed at the time. I'm now working for The Timebank because I couldn't turn down the chance to work with and learn from the excellent paraplanners here.

Outside of work I am a sucker for punishment, having signed up to run the London Marathon for the Dementia Revolution!



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Laura Harris


t: 01432 233 234

My career in financial services started in 2002 working as an administrator for a mortgage packaging company where I gained my first financial qualification; CeMap. In 2007 I joined the Co-operative Bank as a field based adviser for 5 years having gained the full Financial Planning Certificate and the Level 4 Diploma. I then worked as an IFA for a local company for a further 2 years. At this point I made the decision to become a Paraplanner, as I always had an interest in the report writing side of the job, and I haven’t looked back joining the Timebank in 2014. I enjoy working with advisers, helping to formulate advice and I pride myself in my ability to write complicated reports in ‘plain English’. My aim is to continue to take more exams with the objective of becoming chartered in the near future.

Angela Boucher


t: 01432 355 322

I have been working in financial services for over 15 years, having started my career as an administrator and quickly progressing to become a Paraplanner. I have worked for a number of advice firms dealing with high-net-worth clients.

I enjoy the challenge of working as a Paraplanner at The Timebank and having the opportunity to work with a range of other qualified financial services professionals.

In my spare time I enjoy trips out with my husband and children and we love travelling, with a particular passion for theme parks!

Ruth Matthews


t: 01432 355 322

I started working in the financial advice industry back in 2007, firstly starting off as an administrator, then on to being a paraplanner. I was also a financial adviser for while which I did enjoy but as time went on I decided to go back to paraplanning so I could be more involved with the underlying research and report aspects which I enjoy. I have gained my diploma and would like to go on to be chartered at some stage. I have also held various roles such as Financial Director, Head of Risk and Compliance and been a Data Privacy Officer.

In my spare time I like to join various Boot Camps and go to Yoga classes with friends to keep myself fit and in good shape. I enjoy listening to music, especially Robert Plant and Joe Dolan (a weird mixture I know.. LOL), I also love dining out, going to concerts and travelling whenever I can.

Colm Doyle


I have been working in financial services since 2014 after finishing university where I studied business. I work as a member of the paraplanning team. In my spare time I like to be active with my favourite activities being skiing, climbing and judo.

Alicia Hager


t: 01432 355 322

After University I found myself working within a busy Independent Financial Advisers, where I was able to learn an array of technical knowledge and gain numerous qualifications. I stayed there for 5 years before discovering that Paraplanning was a career that I wanted to pursue and develop in.

 I joined the Timebank in Spring 2021 and continue to learn new things every day. It’s a role that offers so much variety and I feel very fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to work with such an experienced and friendly team.

 Outside of work, I live with my other half and our Welsh Collie, Patrick and our fluffy ginger cat, Gigi. I enjoy paddle boarding, tennis, running and kickboxing – not all at the same though!

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Ben Hudson


t: 01432 355 322

After spending almost five years working for a pension provider, I decided to venture into financial advice. I enjoy the diversity of proofreading. I enjoy continuous personal development and am working towards additional qualifications. 

Dan Moran


t: 01432 233 035

After finishing university in 2013, I initially worked in offshore trust and then private equity in the Channel Islands before relocating to the UK in 2017, when I began a career in Financial Services with a large advisory firm. I quickly discovered that Paraplanning was a role I enjoyed and soon begun inhouse training and professional qualifications to continue grow into the role.

I embarked on a new chapter with The Timebank in early 2021 and have enjoyed the variety of work that comes my way as well as the opportunity to continue to develop as a Paraplanner.

Away from work, I live with my other half and our dog Betsy, who makes sure we make regular trips to the woods and the beach. I am also an avid football fan, keen runner and enjoy travelling.

James Pitter


t: 01432 355 322

My career began in retail banking working my way up to a Trainee Financial Advisor role. I really enjoyed the technical aspect of the role, so I decided to take the leap into Paraplanning as I complete my qualifications.

Outside of work, I like to be outdoors as much as possible. I am a keen trail runner competing in Marathon and Ultra Marathon events. I have also recently taken up cross country mountain biking to mitigate the stresses of long distance running. 

Lucy Aldridge

Technical Proofreader

t: 01432 233 240

My career in Financial Services began in 2005 working for a financial planning firm specialising in HNW clients.

In 2013 I moved to The Timebank in order to expand my knowledge and experience.  I am now part of the quality assurance team as well as being a primary contact for due diligence requests.

I have an eye for detail and like to ensure every 't' is crossed and every 'i' is dotted as far as possible.

I am Diploma qualified and am looking to progress to the next level.

On a more personal level, I am a servant to 2 blue cats and am a huge fan of the James Bond films – aspiring to be the next M!

Fun fact: I am a terrible cook – my last attempt at flapjacks needed a dental health warning!

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Tracey Spells

Technical Proofreader

t: 01432 355 322

I have worked in Financial Services for almost 28 years, predominantly for a leading UK Life & Pensions provider. Having worked in various roles, including administration, complaints and financial advice, the area which interests me the most is regulated financial advice. I joined The Timebank as it gives me the opportunity to work on a wide range of advice areas, as well as being able to utilise my technical skills and continually build my knowledge due to the everchanging industry. I am Diploma qualified and am looking to further my qualifications. Outside of work, I like to keep fit and socializing with friends. In the Summer, I spend much of my time at the beach where I am lucky to live.

Jane Hayde

Support & Human Resources

t: 01432 355 322

I have been working in financial services for over 10 years after finishing University with a BA in Business and HR. I have 2 roles at the Timebank; I work as a member of the support team carrying out data harvest and I am also our HR officer.

In my spare time I like to keep myself fit including going to classes, taking the dog for long walks and competing with a local running club.

Kellie Powell


I have recently joined the time bank (July 2021). I have worked within the financial services industry since 2002 and worked in various roles.

I have worked in mortgages, equity release and general banking and gained the relevant qualifications in these areas. After completing the Level 4 Financial Advisor qualification in January 2018, I decided I wanted a change from retail banking.

I enjoy a challenge and learning new things, the Timebank has given me that. The support role offers me a variety of work, and I have learned a lot since I started.

Outside of work I have 3 Bengal cats that keep me very busy and want my attention constantly.

I enjoy baking, decorating, and eating cakes. Chocolate is also a big part of my life, along with fitness. Balance is very important…. Chocolate in one hand and a weight in the other.  I also like to think I am great at DIY.

Romy Parrington


I have two functions at the Timebank; Marketing Communications and Support Executive.

I spent 15 years in London working in Events and Marketing for hospitality . In 2010 I relocated and became Freelance; working alongside Organisational Psychologists to deliver Leadership Programmes.  Inspired by my interest in 'Learning Organisations' and employment law, I gained my professional certificate in Law & Practice with CILEX.

I am a religious CrossFit freak and passionate about nutrition. Eat. Sleep. Work. Train. Repeat. 

Will Morrall

Client Review Coordinator

t: 01432 355 322

After 8 (long) years I escaped retail banking and found myself a new challenge with The Timebank. I enjoy the diversity data harvest brings and continue to learn more each day. I have also been coordinating our client review process which is an exciting project to get stuck into.

Away from work I enjoy playing and watching football, following England around the world is becoming something of an expensive pastime.

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Derren Hotchkiss


t: 01432 355 322

With more than 20 years' experience, Derren is Timebank's friendly face of Finance and Credit Control.

His first love of spreadsheets is closely followed by playing squash, football and consuming copious amounts of Coca-Cola.

Paraplanning Team

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